Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Maintenance v Management?

Whenever I talk to someone about facilities or plant maintenance the conversation inevitably changes over to facilities management, which in my mind is a totally different subject. This is how I would define the difference between the two;

Facilities Management - This is the allocation of the output or usage of plant, equipment and services.                                                                               
Facilities Maintenance - This is maintaining the health of plant and managing the resources to do this.

The volume and quality of software solutions available for facilities management is quite staggering and many cross over briefly into the maintenance aspect with help desk and scheduling functions. Many managers either assume these solutions are all they need for maintenance or finding very little dedicated maintenance software available use either MS Excel or paper.

I have seen all sizes of businesses from hotels, multi-national retail chains to public transport companies who trust the control and recording of maintenance activities of tens of millions of dollars/euros of plant to a few flimsy sheets of paper. Something is definitely wrong here...

The same companies often have the best facilities management software available and usually all aspects of management are pursued to optimum levels. In fact it is quite normal in the reception areas of these companies to see multiple awards on the walls confirming their facilities management performance. Yet, the same companies perspective on plant maintenance can often be "If it ain't broke, don't tell me about it".

So how do you see your companies role with regard to both facilities management and maintenance?

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